Yggdrasil beard balm - spruce buck, bergamot, thyme, grapefruit, rose geranium basil 30 ml

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 Yggdrasil is the Norse tree of life it connects all the 9 realms to Asgard including the bifrost that is the pathway guarded by the might heimdall our scent is blended to capture the essence of that setting its a deep woody scent unlike any other you have tried in our range or even on the market perfect for the outdoors and autumn 


  • Delivers oils and butters directly to the hair follicle to nourish and maintain beard health
  • WILL help with beard itch, dryness and some skin related problems
  • Helps to shape and define messy beard 
  • Smells absolutely amazing


Our balms are suitable for any length of hair providing light to medium hold and a great feel and shine and leave your beard smelling awesome whilst maintaining the health of your beard.


Shea butter (Butyrosperium Parkii), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Argan oil (Argania spinosa), Sweet almond oil (Prunus Dulcis), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Grape-seed oil (Vitis Vinifera), Essential oil blend.

Warning contains nut oil.
If irritation occurs stop using immediately


Simply take a small amount out using the back of your thumb nail a penny sized amount is about the right amount for a 4 inch beard I find, warm between the palms of your hands and apply in a upwards motion throughout the beard ensuring that you get down to the roots crab a comb and style as desired job done


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